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I am absolutely elated to be writing this. In 2017, when I felt called to move back to the Lehigh Valley I didn’t fully know why. The announcements coming this Summer are the culmination of two years’ worth of work, determination, and faith in that call. 

I’ve had opportunities to leave Easton and setup practices in different parts of Pennsylvania, California, and even Mexico. I didn’t know why but I just couldn’t leave. Now, I know why. For this moment, and for this next season of what TEAM Acupuncture will be able to offer Easton and the Lehigh Valley.

Clarity is a beautiful thing. That is why I am writing this, to express the clarity I’ve received and bring clarity to the changes happening around TEAM Acupuncture.

First, TEAM Acupuncture is permanently moving from Chiropractic Whole Health in Forks township with Dr. Rob to Nu House Integrative Medical Center in Downtown Easton!

While we have had tremendous success and a great partnership with the Drs. at Chiro Whole Health, it was clear to us all that the space we were in could not sustain our growth. I have nothing but admiration for Dr. Rob and the patient-centered approach to the medicine they practice. I have nothing but appreciation for my time at CWH, TEAM Acupuncture would truly not be where it is today without everyone at CWH. Dr. Rob is always researching ways to improve the efficacy for his clinic so here’s an inside tip. Dr. Rob will be expanding the offerings at CWH so stay tuned for Cold Laser therapy and another Massage therapist right here in Forks Township!

TEAM Acupuncture is partnering with Nu House for a number of reasons. We believe in the vision set forth by the leader of the project, Janel. She has envisioned a place where patients can come and feel at home while being treated by professionals from multiple disciplines. 

At Nu House, Tim will be the lead in East Asian Medicine and he will work alongside a MD, RN, Massage Therapist, Photobiomodulation (laser therapy) therapists, mental health specialists, and other practitioners. Bringing all of these therapies under one roof will give you, the patient, the greatest chance for success. 

At Nu House, Tim will be able to offer many services he is truly passionate about but has not had the space or resources to pursue. The specializations that Tim will be offering are:

• Digestive Disorders

• Auto-Immune Disorders

• Dermatological Disorders

There will be availability for acute and chronic pain patients to experience the benefits of acupuncture, but the treatments will be offered in a slightly different manner than previously. For pain patients, Tim will be joining with Sue Lurie, as well as Sita and John from the Bendale Bodies studios in Manhattan, NY. There will be frequent classes taught on this method to relieve pain from your own body through resisted stretching. This is the future of self-care and is based on the channels of East Asian Medicine. 

Parking during your appointment time at the Nu House will be free in the downtown Easton parking garage, but there will be plenty of reasons to stay for longer than your appointment time! Nu House will be hosting information sessions on different modalities, disorders, and exercise methods. There will also be enough reasons to stop by for a quick lunch as Nu House will have a cafe and coffeehouse! Follow us on IG or FB to be sure you see the final date for the Grand Opening!

In addition to the developments happening at Nu House, TEAM Acupuncture is also partnering with Skinterest Skin Care at Simon Silk Mill in Easton! 

Skinterest has been a leader in the health and wellness industry of the Lehigh Valley since 2014. They stay at the forefront of the industry by creating an environment where healing can happen on all levels, body mind and spirit. One thing they have noticed is many of their clientele have been complaining of migraines and chronic pain. Last year, Skinterest expanded and brought on massage therapists in order to address these complaints of their clientele. 

Always progressing and promoting growth in their industry, the leaders at Skinterest sought out Tim in order to offer acupuncture as an option for their clients to treat these common complaints. There are many studies that suggest acupuncture is effective when it comes to treating migraines and chronic pain, so a partnership between Skinterest and TEAM naturally developed. We are excited to begin offering acupuncture for current and new clients at Skinterest June 5th!

Tim is both proud of these new partnerships and overjoyed to see all of the changes happening at TEAM Acupuncture that will bring more health and healing to individuals and the community!

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