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East Asian Medicine
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Six Channel Theory and Physiology – Part 1

As a practitioner I loved to be challenged. I truly enjoy it when an individual comes to my clinic for treatment with a list of questions about East Asian Medicine and how it might assist them in creating greater health for themselves. This series of posts is directed at those individuals who want to know

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Modern Wellness Design

Western vs. Eastern Approaches

A light philosophical framework of Western vs Eastern treatments This post is the first in a series aimed at highlighting the similarities and differences between the approach to medicine we are used to in Western civilization versus the Eastern medical approach as I understand each of them. Present-day America is a pluralistic society in which

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I am absolutely elated to be writing this. In 2017, when I felt called to move back to the Lehigh Valley I didn’t fully know why. The announcements coming this Summer are the culmination of two years’ worth of work, determination, and faith in that call.  I’ve had opportunities to leave Easton and setup practices

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