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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

At Team Acupuncture Herbal Medicine, we practice a Japanese style of acupuncture referred to as ”Meridian Therapy” and use Japanese Kampo herbal medicines.

Your Initial Visit

During your initial evaluation, we will perform a full assessment of the meridian-organ systems that support and protect your entire body. This assessment will be performed using the traditional diagnostic methods of pulse reading, tongue observation, abdominal palpation, and diagnostic questions.

We check and recheck your pulse during the treatment and adjust the needles as necessary. This process may occur more than once in order to achieve the desired results.

Once everything is in place, your body can return itself to balance. In Meridian Therapy, your acupuncturist will rarely leave you in the room alone. They will attend to you and oversee the treatment. You may be required to adjust positions and receive treatment on your back as well. We provide you with a more in-depth experience than you’ll receive elsewhere.

Acupuncture Treatment Easton PA
Take comfort in knowing that when you need to refresh your entire state of being, Team Acupuncture Herbal Medicine is here for you. You can always expect a restful experience with us that leaves you with a clearer mind, physical relaxation, and more mental energy. Everything we do is about properly balancing the channels of your mind and body. If you’re suffering from a natural deficiency, we can help with herbal supplements or medications. Herbal medicine can play a big role in improving the overall acupuncture experience, along with helping your physical body return itself to balance.

Common conditionS WE TREAT

Some of the benefits you may notice after our treatments include:

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